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Is an innovative, revolutionary, modern and efficacious disinfecting technique that offers 99,9% deep cleaning, exhaustive sanitizing and safety disinfecting of all areas exposed to any pathogen.


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What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

The Electrostatic disinfection is a quick process that consists of uniformly covering a surface with a disinfecting solution in an electrostatic applicator that negatively charges the solution at the moment the particles leave the nozzle

The charged particles have a greater force of gravity that allows them to target the selected surface directly and quickly.

With Virus Terminators’ electrostatic spray technology, by spraying sanitizing solutions onto a surface, the droplets will magnetically search for the target. This unique technology allows users to electrically charge the inside of the drop instead of attaching it to the outside, to maximize the charge.

This ensures the full effect of electrostatic disinfection. Simply put, when you spray a solution that is properly charged with electrostatics, the solution will wrap around the lens, allowing 360-degree access even in the most difficult areas.

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Kill Cold and flu virus as H1N2, Salmonella & Staph, Bloodborne pathogen, Herpes, Polio, Norovirus. MRSA & E coli, HIV & Hep B and many animal pathogens.

How Does It Work?

The electrostatic spray disinfection process consists of adding an electric charge to the droplets when they are sprayed, allowing an enveloping effect (360 degrees).

As the chemical droplets leaves the electrostatic sprayer, it receives a positive electric charge. 

The droplets are attracted to all negative and neutral surfaces, covering all the area area, the bottom and the back, with the disinfecting agent.

Surfaces that are already covered will repel spraying, making the method extremely efficient.

When the solution has been correctly electrostatically charged, the solution will wrap the object volumetrically (3D), this is because it has a positive charge greater than the surface.


The result is better surface management by allowing liquids to work better by electrically bonding to the object using electrostatic adhesion technology.

As demonstrated in the automotive and agricultural industries, this electrostatic application process requires less time to achieve the desired effect, while reducing chemical costs.

Research studies show that cleaning and disinfecting the environment play an important role in the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections. 

By using this technology, we can now reduce or eliminate viruses and bacteria more efficiently in our spaces to create a healthier environment.



Thanks to electrostatic disinfection technology, we use 65% fewer chemicals per square meter, contributing to environmental care.

Reducing cross contamination

The absence of contact prevents the passage of viruses, bacteria, germs, etc., from one surface to another.

Zero Contact

Quick and effective application method that does not require contact with surfaces.

Time saving

Electrostatic disinfection services offer a fast, safe and effective process. The application is done in less time than with other methods.

Solution adherence and coverage

The application is done more uniformly, accessing hidden and shaded areas.

Drying time

With electrostatic induction, a dry mist is generated that does not damage electronic equipment and allows its direct application on them without the need for drying.


I have worked with Virus Terminators Corp. to disinfect my restaurant in Calgary. I give them five stars in service, responsibility, and attention. Highly recommended.
David Roberts.

Virus Terminators Corp. performs regular work in our beauty salon and thanks to them we have managed to have the certainty to re-open to the public and reactivate our services.
Claudia Porter.

The electrostatic disinfection system offered by Virus Terminators has helped us keep our spaces 100% free of viruses and bacteria. I highly recommend them for their service quality.
Joseph Gartner.

Our Electrostatic Disinfecting service was created specially to benefit and protect you and your family. Employees, companies and general community as well.